Manned aerial vehicles
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
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About company

ACS is professionally involved in the development and manufacture of aircraft:

  • Swift – K10 light sport aircraft
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles of the ACS series.

The ACS unmanned aerial vehicles are designed for the following tasks:

  • preliminary reconnaissance of ground and sea objects
  • fire adjustment
  • aerial photography and cartography
  • keeping a relay station of the local mobile communication system airborne
  • scanning various parameters of the condition of soil and vegetation.

Enables daytime and nighttime operation under various weather conditions. Features a small optical, acoustic, and radar visibility. Capable of taking off and landing on unprepared airfields. Ensures a high degree of autonomy and mobility of employment.

The unmanned aerial vehicles manufactured by ACS are characterized by compactness and – efficiency. The company - uses advanced materials and technologies, making it possible to develop light and - rugged aircraft. This provides - an effective aircraft to payload weight ratio. The dimensions and weight of the system’s associated elements – the catapult and the ground station – and the number of vehicles are accordingly reduced. The use of advanced composite materials and multilayer technologies in the construction of aircraft elements makes it possible to carry out quick - field repair.

The ideology of maximum automation of all processes was used in designing the aircraft complex. Flight preparation, plotting a course, aircraft launching, payload control, and aircraft landing are carried out by means of - simple operations which do not require lengthy training of the operators of the complex. Complex deployment is reduced to several operations and takes less than 30 min from arrival at the operation location. Minimal interference of the crew with the equipment settings guarantees the long-term reliable operation of the complex.