Illegal wildlife trade is one of the world’s most lucrative criminal activities. Well-organized syndicates operating as transnational criminal networks often participate in other illegal activities, including trafficking in narcotics and weapons. Some have links with terrorist networks.

Advanced photogrammetry ensures a most accurate and updated aerial map is created with accurate measurements of length, area, and even volume possible. Real-time aerial mapping provides streaming reconnaissance data for the immediate response. UAV for surveying and mapping allows gathering the info needed to create maps easier by reducing costs and simplifying the image-capturing process.


UAV Raybird™ is ready for immediate launch in minutes’ time and with speed up to 160 km/h (100 m/h). May reach the troublesome destination fast with no respect for traffic, weather or dangerous conditions. Long endurance and night vision allow continuing the search and assisting rescue missions as long as it is needed.


Pipeline product theft has become a common problem for different countries, both oil-producing and non-oil producing one. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that illicit hydrocarbons activities are a significant threat to global stability and security. High records of smuggling are seen in Africa, Asia, South America, even – The European Union.
UAS Raybird-3 for oil and gas theft monitoring allows conducting timely and regular control of the patrolled territory to detect unauthorized access of the third parties.


UAS Raybird 3 is capable of patrolling large areas and reaching remote destinations. Whether surveying vegetation, monitoring wildlife or reacting to accidents – it is always there, providing real-time objective information to preserve the natural resources and prevent the illegal deforestation.


An emergency responsive HD-video camera or radar on long-range UAV Raybird 3 is invisible, inaudible in the sky, not terrain-dependent and impossible to damage. The HD real-time video transmission (100+ km) allows automatically detect, zoom-in, identify objects for immediate action.

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