Anti-poaching and wildlife conservation


Illegal wildlife trade is one of the world’s most lucrative criminal activities. Well-organized syndicates operating as transnational criminal networks often participate in other illegal activities, including trafficking in narcotics and weapons. Some have links with terrorist networks.

The criminals are ruthless with hundreds of park rangers killed in the line of duty. This has left a great toll not only on the animals but also on the lives of surrounding villagers who are corrupted by the lure of big money.

Anti-poaching UAVs began to play a big role in saving wildlife environment. Once the drone’s technology shows up in wildlife protection area, they make a large influence in preserving: Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Elephants and Wales. UAVs with spec anti-poaching payloads help rangers around the world.

UAV’s gimbals using infra-red thermal pic options currently have an opportunity be used in the night that is the preferred time period of pothunter activity.

Anti-poaching aircrafts can easily satisfy application all of the subsequent preservation duties and anti-poaching solutions.

The preservation of African megafauna is a serious task, difficult through politics fluctuations, monetary trouble, and also an increasing international desire for illegal wild animal items. In spite of serious initiatives by a large number of conservationists, ecologists, and local persons, lots of the amazing and charming varieties of sub-Saharan Africa are decreasing. While African megafauna encounters an array of risks, poaching could be the prominent source of fatality, especially Africa tigers, rhinoceroses, and elephants.

Small tactical fixed-wing UAV handle huge terrain bulk and so is an effect on unlawful damage routines in natural environment parks, desert and nature reserves.

Long range UAV like Raybird 3 can cover large places with a radius on thousands of acres/km and link back video in a short time (within a small period of time and may ray returning live video transmitting), so is best solutions to anti-poaching.

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