Power line inspection Power line inspection
Power line inspection
Inspection of power lines requires high precision qualified equipment to identify damages and problematic areas. We use high-precision cameras for aerial photography and provide service for processing data and creating 3D maps.
Maritime surveillance Maritime surveillance
Maritime surveillance
Time is of the essence in maritime missions. And whether it concerns S&R operations, illegal fishing, or border control procedures, our system can be launched in minutes, covering target areas in significantly shorter terms than a vessel or manned aircraft.
Preventing wildfires Preventing wildfires
Preventing wildfires
We have developed a proprietary early-fire detection system that allows for continuous monitoring of the fire-exposed areas and detecting hotbeds. Geo-location of hotspots and alerts are sent immediately to rapid response groups.
Pipelines monitoring Pipelines monitoring
Pipelines monitoring
Raybird-3 is particularly suited for an effective monitoring solution for pipelines. 24/7 mode, detection of oil thefts and temperature changes on the pipelines’ surface, control of emergencies, and coordination of ground teamwork – with the help of technical characteristics and data links.
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