On August 15, 2019 at the invitation of the group of Ukrainian innovative companies Kabon Invest, namely:

Skyeton – aviation,
Robotanks – manufacturer of container gas stations,
Intellogate – vending equipment and big data.

Jana Podlisna, Head of the Communication and Development Strategies Department of SFII held a meeting with representatives of the aviation production company “Skyeton”.
Yana Podlisna gave a detailed presentation of the activities of the State Finance Institution for Innovations, described the mechanisms of interaction with the State Investment Fund, financial instruments for the implementation of innovative and investment projects, and explained the potential opportunities for companies seeking active development of their activities.

During this meeting, the commercial director of Skyeton presented the innovative unmanned aerial complex “Raybird-3” of its own design and production.
The aviation production company “Skyeton” began in 2006 as the developer of light sports aircraft “K-10 Swift”.

After 3 years of development, since 2018 the company has established a small-scale production of the unmanned complex and concluded a number of contracts for its delivery to both domestic and foreign markets.
To date, the Raybird-3 is one of the best unmanned aerial vehicles and surpasses its global competitors in terms of specifications.

Due to its unique capabilities, UAV is an effective solution for missions that require either long-range flight or large area control. Areas of use include:

  • control of state territories,
  • wildfire prevention;
  • search and rescue operations;
  • aerial photography in the interests of cartography and geodesy;
  • monitoring of objects in areas of natural and man-made disasters.

Today, the global demand for unmanned aerial vehicles, which is capable of being in the air for more than 20 hours without refueling, exceeds the supply by about more than twice the systems annually. To meet this demand, Skyeton is interested in attracting investments, which in turn will contribute to the active entry of the company into the international market and better promotion of UAV.
The investment needs of the company are as follows:

  • Expansion of the production of the existing UAV Raybird-3;
  • Replenishment of a range of unmanned aviation complexes;
  • Implementation of innovative technology and software solutions;
  • Quality promotion of UAV in the international market.

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