The Ground Control Station (GCS) developed by Skyeton is a portable lightweight and rugged ground computer station which is specifically made for unmanned aerial systems.

Is enables receiving and displaying of telemetry and digital data transmitted from the UAV, providing real-time situational awareness of the flight path, onboard equipment parameters and the condition on the controlled area.

 The compact case accommodates the GCS which includes a high-quality Intel computer, trackball, all the relevant mission planning and operation software, long-endurance battery, 2 Ethernet ports and control links along with any payload/video software for the client’s needs.


Compact (all in one)

6+ hours battery endurance

Powerful industrial computer

3 displays


  • 2 reliable 3-axis joysticks with Hall’s sensors
  • Moistureproof and compact trackball replaces PC mouse in the field conditions
  • Full-fledged waterproof keyboard for data entry
  • Multifunctional assignable buttons around the display
  • 3 displays contain ultrabright screens with the anti-glare surface and can be switched via software
  • Long endurance battery life
  • 2 Ethernet ports 48V 100W
  • Compact size for comfortable transportation and usage
  • A high degree of protection against external factors
  • A powerful computer for data processing and real-time video transmission
  • Suitable for installing any software
  • Tripod with magnetic connectors


The ground control station can operate autonomously. The antenna can also be used with GCS, depending on the client’s needs.


Specifically-designed ground tracking antenna system supports live-streaming full-HD video within up to 100 km.

The computer of GCS is constructed to consist of three embedded displays, which simultaneously depict the following data:

–       the UAV(s) position and mission waypoints on the mission screen;

–       flight related data like Airspeed, Ground Speed, Fuel and battery status, Wind Speed, GPS coordinates and many more on the gauges;

–       video data transmitted from the payload (IR and EO video).

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