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We present promo video about our UAV Raybird 3 – small UAV for long-range land and seaside missions. Our system is man-portable (one-box) and can be deployed in minutes.  The modular design of the system allows adding, remove or replace any onboard equipment. That allows customizing the system to fulfill any requirements and complete a wide range of tasks.

Vertically integrated design and production allow us to manufacture UAV systems to the Client’s needs. This also provides for top-notch maintenance during UAS exploitation and enables modifications as Client’s needs evolve.

Designed for real-time aerial video surveillance, photography and multiple other applications. It can be operated in various weather conditions. The UAV is equipped with encrypted digital data link which offers a high level of protection against any interference by third-party.

Main characteristics of aerial systems presented in the video:

 – Flight time – more than 15 hours

 – Operating ceiling – 3000 m

 – Speed (min / cruising / max) – 80 / 120 / 160 km/h

 – Range in the direct control mode – 240 km

 – Range of Full HD real-time video transmission – 120 km

Raybird 3 airframe is entirely made out of composite materials using the latest technologies, so it is hard to detect and track the UAV with radars and anti-aircraft systems. With 4-stroke engine and mufflers, Raybird 3 is acoustically unnoticeable on altitudes 400m and above. 

Fixed-wing UAV mount provides high-quality aerial imagery for mapping and reconnaissance on large area spans for large and remote objects. Special post-processing software allows for picture composing, providing a seamless most updated area map. The live output allows capturing specific objects as directed from the ground.

Photogrammetry solutions allow creating topographical maps and measuring accurately long distances and large areas. Whether a photo camera is used alone or together with laser scanner/LIDAR, it is of benefit for land development and city planning, examining watersheds and deforestation research and agricultural field.

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