ACS-3 from Skyeton: wing to wing with Bayraktar TB2 in the Air Force of Ukraine


ACS-3 is a reconnaissance UAV of the Ukrainian company Skyeton. Since 2019, it has been delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and serves in the same military unit as Bayraktar TB2 – a separate regiment of remote-controlled aircraft of the Air Force.

Like the Turkish drone, the ACS-3 is capable of being in the air for more than 24 hours and can actually reconnoiter the entire collision line in the Donbas with a resolution of less than 10 cm per pixel in one flight. All this allows you to use it to systematically monitor enemy positions.

In addition, the ACS-3 has already made its way into the international market, where it successfully competes with UAVs such as Boeing’s ScanEagle.

Oleksandr Stepura, the CEO of Skyeton, told in the next Defense Express video about what ACS-3 is capable of, how it is operated in the Armed Forces and abroad, as well as the future of the complex.

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