The Armed Forces use more than 13.2 million units of military equipment


The Ministry of Defense has purchased more than 13.2 million units of weapons and military equipment for the Armed Forces. This was announced by Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use domestically produced weapons such as missile systems "Neptune", RK-3 Corsar and Skif, A1-SM Furia, Windhover, PD-2, ACS-3 drones, modernized Mig-29MU1 aircraft and Mi-8-MSB-V helicopters, and P-18 radars.

The military also received special-purpose communications equipment "Lybid", an electronic warfare system to combat UAVs "Bukovel-AD", a complex for interfering with the operation of intelligence equipment "Nota", cryptographic protection, data transmission equipment, armored vehicles, etc.

In addition, large-caliber anti-material rifles of domestic production Alligator and T-Rex were adopted. Our military received a 30-mm automatic easel grenade launcher KBA.117-02, modernized missiles, guided anti-tank missiles, unguided aircraft missiles, hand-held thermobaric grenades, smoke grenades, and elements of dynamic tank protection, UNN reports.