A Ukrainian donation drive built an 'Army of Drones' and picked up an unusual system called a 'Shahed Hunter' for Kyiv's forces


Business Insider delves into Ukraine's defensive ingenuity through its 'Army of Drones' initiative, bolstered by the UNITED24 platform, which has galvanized over $330 million in global contributions. Among the key assets in this expanded arsenal is the Raybird UAS, developed by Ukrainian company Skyeton, showcasing the country's innovative spirit in aerial defense technology. This crowdfunded effort is a testament to Ukraine's strategic response, underpinning the nation's resilience with advanced systems like the 'Shahed Hunter' designed to neutralize threats from the sky. The article presents a thoughtful examination of how technology and solidarity are reshaping Ukraine's military capabilities. To understand the full scope of this development, read the complete article at Business Insider.