Skyeton has participated in testing of the export version of radar 90K6E


The SKYETON company participated in the testing of the export variant radar 90K6E. Based on the results of the two-day tests, the mobile survey 3D radar 90K6E manufactured by SE “SPC “Iskra” has fully confirmed its stated tactical and technical characteristics for the detection of unmanned aerial vehicles at different altitudes and maximum range.

“After the factory tests, we have successfully completed this last phase of radar 90K6E testing for the ability to identify small targets with a small effective scattering surface. The positive results of these tests open to us undeniable prospects for 90K6E to be exported. We already have a potential customer from one of the Middle East countries, for which the ability to identify unmanned aerial vehicles is one of the main requirements. The station is also considered in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, however, needs some changes to meet the needs of our military,” said Yuri Paschenko, director of the Iskra Research and Production Complex.

The radar 90K6E was unveiled in the fall of 2019 at the expo Arms and Security. This brand new 3D Circular Surveillance Radar with Transistor Transmitter is designed to detect targets flying at low, medium, and high altitudes. It is designed for use in anti-aircraft missile forces as a means of issuing targets and as an information link in the Air Force and Air Defense units.

The object of determination during the radar tests was the unmanned aerial vehicle “Raybird-3”, which was operated by Skyeton specialists. Raybird-3 is a small tactical, mass-produced, unmanned aerial vehicle that is used for a variety of long-range missions, ISTAR solutions and search and rescue operations; it has a maximum flight altitude of 3000 m and can develop speeds of up to 160 km / h. “We are grateful to Aviation Production Company “Skyeton” for the opportunity and to the specialists of the Specialized Foreign Trade Company “PROGRESS” for their assistance in organizing and conducting the tests,” Yuri Pashchenko added.

“Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra” is not only a leader in the development of radar systems but also engages in radio-electronic and counter-battery combat, which is extremely important for Ukraine. Iskra products are recognized not only in our country but are also in service in dozens of others. It is a truly world-class enterprise that does not stand on the ground and uses modern technology. The Radar 90K6E is an example of such a high-tech, modern system that provides airspace monitoring and is capable of very small detection errors. We see these Iskra products as very promising,” said Ihor Fomenko, Deputy CEO of Production at Ukroboronprom.

Also, according to Paschenko, the high-speed radar of the MR-1 radio-wave meter and the 1L220UK counter-battery radar complex took part in the tests. Tests on these radars were conducted according to an agreed program and also provided full confirmation of the claimed UFO determination characteristics.

SE “Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra” (Zaporizhzhia) unites a design bureau and an electrical engineering plant, at which world-class radars are created and commercially produced.

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