The aviation production company “Skyeton” stated that its unmanned aerial complex “ACS-3” in the class “small tactical” in its technical characteristics has no competitors in Ukraine. Only three manufacturers can produce similar equipment abroad. ArmyInform correspondent visited the company and talked with Roman Knyazhenko, CCO of Skyeton.

Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will expand international cooperation in the defense field. The relevant agreement was reached during working meetings between the official delegation Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia, who was on a working visit to Ukraine, and the office of the military attaché with representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the “Ukroboronprom” company.

Now the agricultural sector is most rapidly embedding new technologies to increase productivity and optimize fieldwork. This is because the state produces more grants for the development and direction of improving the working conditions of farmers and agricultural companies.
Drones have become indispensable in science and industry and are facilitating work in many different fields. However, the range of their use is growing with the continued technology development and the deployment of new systems. From landmark sites and modern skyscrapers to bridges and industrial buildings, drones have previously created vast possibilities for engineers and are proving value for various sectors.
UAVs are used for SAR missions by emergency departments, such as police, firefighters or other rescue teams, for searching over large and remote areas for missing people in need of rescue and in any environment.
Nowadays in the world there are more and more incidents related to riots in the streets, traffic accidents, emergency situations. And in this regard, the authorities are trying to find new ways to monitor the streets and problem areas without involving a large number of people and to respond more quickly to the situation.
Years ago when the first version of unmanned air vehicle – air balloons – were used to carry explosives for the military purpose who would have thought that it will turn into technology which will shake up the whole market and become widely used in the commercial and military market.  “Drone” and “UAV” are the modern names of the first unmanned aerial technology, which undoubtedly have become a part of our daily vocabulary.

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