The preservation of African megafauna is a serious task, difficult through politics fluctuations, monetary trouble, and also an increasing international desire for illegal wild animal items. In spite of serious initiatives by a large number of conservationists, ecologists, and local persons, lots of the amazing and charming varieties of sub-Saharan Africa are decreasing. Long range UAV like Raybird 3 can cover large places with a radius on thousands of acres/km and link back video in a short time (within a small period of time and may ray returning live video transmitting).

From September 1-2, drone vendors and aficionados descended upon the Suntec City Conference Center like a plague of lithium polymer-powered locusts, all eager to get a glimpse of what’s new in the world of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
The Air Force of Ukraine can adopt the unmanned aviation complex Raybird-3, which since 2016 is allowed to operate in the Armed Forces, and in the spring of 2018 confirmed the ability to perform tasks in conditions of counteraction to electronic warfare (EW).
In 2018 Skyeton has announced the introduction of its new unmanned aerial systems (UASs). The Raybird 3 is a modular fixed-wing aircraft with the ability to operate autonomously once in flight. Man-portable and packed into a single box, Raybird 3 can be assembled and launched from a catapult in 15 minutes. The system can deploy either a parachute or airbag to aid recovery.

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