Flight time
18-28 h
Maximum flight range
2500 km
Maximum flight altitude
4500 m
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Discover more
A highly automated system based on a "small tactical" class UAV
Simple deployment and control
Full automation: from takeoff to landing
Endurance and resilience - key characteristics of UAS
We have created a technology that provides turnkey solutions with various modifications for our customers
Tactical Solutions
Tactical Solutions
Skyeton develops a range of UAV solutions that enable 24/7 missions, perform operations in any weather and in extremely challenging environments.
About us
About us
Our strategy is to create a fleet of UAVs for continuous data collection on vast territories and it's processing. We produce a ready-made solution for our customers that will provide their need for accurate information regardless of weather conditions and time of day.
About us
Main indicators:
UAVs manufactured
Flight hours
100 000+
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