UAS operators training

UAS operators training UAS operators training UAS operators training

UAS operators training

This course provides delegates with an understanding of the regulatory framework associated with the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Delegates will gain knowledge and an experience of the evolving regulations and how they apply to defense and commercial UAS operations. Delegates will explore guidance on the requirements, operational and technical aspects, and the risk-based processes underpinning the application and granting of UAS operations authorization.

The training program consists of 3 parts:

  • • Theoretical             
  • • Practical           
  • • Training flights

Course duration – 4 weeks

Upon completion of the training course, students should pass an exam. After the exam is completed successfully,  the operator receives a certificate that allows him to operate the UAV.

Key Topics

  • Application of the UAS in the context of international air law
  • Accommodating UAS operations within the current aviation infrastructure
  • Typical use cases
  • General information about the service and technical characteristics of the UAV
  • The requirement for the operator to demonstrate flight safety and how this is achieved
  • Implementation of technology to help control risks and hazards
  • Provision of an environment for safe operation

UAS maintenance

UAS maintenance

UAS maintenance

At every stage of cooperation, our team accompanies the client.

In addition to training operators, we also provide technical service for the maintenance of the systems.

We take into account all customer requests and, if necessary, go to the site to assist in the preparation and support of the first flight.

We also help our clients in organizing flights: choosing and preparing a site, conducting technical inspection and pre-flight preparation, additional instructions for conducting complex missions.

A professional team of operators and technicians provides online and offline support for both basic issues and special cases.