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The technology on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) has become maturing and widely used in the field of military affairs and civil purposes. Due to the good flexibility, high efficiency, low cost and damage, low risk, and excellent monitoring ability and widespread coverage, the UAV is capable of waterborne supervision.
Today we live in a world where service delivery comes first. Many companies are beginning to introduce the service direction, as the need to buy a ready-made solution is much higher than to develop the product yourself.
From 23 to 25 of February, the UMEX 2020 International Exhibition was held in Abu Dhabi. More than 160 manufacturers from all over the world were represented there. This exhibition was dedicated to unmanned systems: there were presented not only aviation systems but also unmanned boats, infantry equipment, and many robotic devices. 200 delegations and more than 25,000 guests attended the event.
Now the agricultural sector is most rapidly embedding new technologies to increase productivity and optimize fieldwork. This is because the state produces more grants for the development and direction of improving the working conditions of farmers and agricultural companies.
UAVs are used for SAR missions by emergency departments, such as police, firefighters or other rescue teams, for searching over large and remote areas for missing people in need of rescue and in any environment.
Nowadays in the world there are more and more incidents related to riots in the streets, traffic accidents, emergency situations. And in this regard, the authorities are trying to find new ways to monitor the streets and problem areas without involving a large number of people and to respond more quickly to the situation.

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