Today we live in a world where service delivery comes first. Many companies are beginning to introduce the service direction, as the need to buy a ready-made solution is much higher than to develop the product yourself.

Technologies are out of place and in almost every field one can already find the concept of “as a Service”. Drones are already actively used in this area and the market for drone services is growing rapidly.


There are already a huge number of service offers on the market that can be used in various fields. But the process itself is quite time-consuming. To date, only a small number of countries have introduced rules for commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles. This is because writing these rules takes a considerable amount of time and affects various areas of activity, from prescribing security measures and identifying areas for flights to opening up airspace.

Also, one of the phases is the transportation of equipment to a specific country, which entails the processing of export documents, obtaining permits on the spot. In addition to transportation, a minimum of 2 people are required to fly. UAV operators in some countries are required to obtain pilot certification, which can also complicate order fulfillment on time.

But the situation is not as hopeless as it might seem at first glance. The companies that order this service are often already representatives of the services in this area and already have all the necessary documents for flights. So they hire the technicians and the team to execute the order on a specific request. State-owned companies that directly grant all necessary permits can also be customers of services.

With the rapidly increasing demand, legislative frameworks will more actively implement the necessary measures, as it is already clear that in the near future, such services will be increasingly in demand and alternatives, both technically and economically, will be practically non-existent.


You can now find over 2 dozen areas where these services are in demand.

Here are some of them:

– Agriculture

– Construction and Real Estate

– Pipeline monitoring

– Inspection of transmission lines

– Creating orthophotos and terrain maps

– Traffic control

These are just some of the tasks that drones can operate, carrying the proper load. A turnkey solution can already be made for each area, which will include preparatory steps, task completion and data processing. As a result, the client receives ready information for analysis and decision making.

To date, the use of drones for service is more cost-effective than the use of manned vehicles or groundwork.

Use cases.

SKYETON has already conducted several flights to survey the area. One of these tasks was to survey the territory after an emergency in an ammunition depot. In this case, the task was to evaluate the scale of the situation and to transmit data to take the necessary action.

Similarly, we flew around areas for wildfire detection and test shoots to build maps in the future.


Taking into account market trends and increasing demand for drones services, more and more industries will be using these technologies to optimize their work soon. Similarly, States will actively introduce rules for the use of drones for commercial purposes, which will give a new impetus to the development of the market.

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