SE “SFTF” PROGRESS “at the exhibition IQDEX-2021


Ukrainian companies led by SE “SFTF “PROGRESS” presented their products at the IQDEX-2021 exhibition in Iraq.

The 9th International Exhibition of Military Goods and Services IQDEX-2021 was held in Iraq from 10 to 13 of April at the National Exhibition Center in Baghdad. This year, the combined exposition of Ukroboronprom at the exhibition was headed by SE “PROGRESS”.

The Ukrainian defense industry at IQDEX-2021 was represented by SKDB “LUCH”, Aviation Production Company “Skyeton”, State Enterprise “Plant 4 Civil Aviation”, and SDB “Vector-V”. Participants of the exhibition had the opportunity to get acquainted with several samples of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment, most of which have repeatedly demonstrated their quality in combat conditions in eastern Ukraine.

Among the samples of weapons presented in Iraq were: a full-scale model of an automatic grenade launcher UAG-40, models of popular anti-tank missile systems “Skif” and “Corsar”, as well as models of ATGM “BAR’ER-C”, MLRS “Vilkha”, UAS “Raybird-3”, guided artillery shell “Kvitnik-E”, some radar stations (radar P-18, radar 36D6M-1, MRC “Taira”, etc.) and grenade launchers.

The Ukrainian stand was crowded with visitors and attracted the attention of high-ranking guests of the exhibition. Among them is the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Iraq, Lieutenant General Juma Inad Saadun Al-Juburi, the Minister of Industry Manhal Aziz Mahmoud, the Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Iraq, Lieutenant General Shihab Jahid Zengna, and the Chairman of the Iranian Corporation.

Iraq is an important partner of Ukraine in the field of military-technical cooperation and a promising market for Ukrainian defense products. Therefore, the successful consolidation of our country in this market is the task of all Ukrainian authorities, as well as industrialists and special exporters.

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