«Skyeton» company challenges the manufacturers of EW complexes


The aviation production company “Skyeton” stated that its unmanned aerial complex “ACS-3” in the class “small tactical” in its technical characteristics has no competitors in Ukraine. Only three manufacturers can produce similar equipment abroad. ArmyInform correspondent visited the company and talked with Roman Knyazhenko, CCO of Skyeton.
– Mr. Roman, why did Skyeton undertake the development and production of UAVs?

– The company was founded by engineers and pilots in 2006. It all began with the development and release of the Skyeton K-10 Swift. But with the onset of the war in the East of the country, priorities have changed. It is important to produce high-quality products not only for civilian needs but also for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For the army, we have developed a UAV that has significant advantages over other similar devices.

– What tactical tasks in the interest of the army can “ACS-3” perform?

– The aviation complex is designed to conduct reconnaissance in different weather conditions with the ability to enter the enemy’s territory for a long distance. It is extremely difficult to detect the presence of the apparatus in the air. During the tests, it was in the air for 24 hours and after landing it turned out that the fuel remained for about another three hours of operation. The automatic flight mode is up to 2500 km. This does not mean that the machine will fly 1000 km one way and then the other. The drone is capable of operating efficiently within a radius of 200 km, constantly moving the specified route, transmitting intelligence throughout the day and winding the counter up to 2500 kilometers. After UAV landing, it takes 15 minutes to prepare for the new flight.

Reference: UAS ACS-3 – maximum take-off weight – 21 kg, speed – up to 160 km/h, flight duration – 24 hours, altitude – up to 3000 m, power plant – internal combustion engine, fuel capacity – 9 liters, landing by parachute and airbag, digital data transmission radius – 100 km, telemetry, and control data transmission radius – 200 km.

– Usually, reconnaissance flights take place in conditions of active counteraction of the EW systems. Is your device capable of overcoming such a serious obstacle?

– The design involves operation in different bands, frequency hopping, and noise protection. Even if the navigation system is left unattended, the “ACS-3” will not do the job. EW systems are capable of blocking telemetry channels and carrier communication, but the invention used in our devices allows us to overcome these obstacles and accomplish intelligence tasks. At the end of 2018, the UAV tests were conducted in conditions of counteraction of the high-performance EW complex of a well-known manufacturer. Thanks to the special technical solutions that distinguish our product among others, counteraction of the complex did not interfere with the proper execution of the task.

– Do you think that there are no EWS systems capable of completely blocking “ACS-3” operation in Ukraine yet?

– So. Our technical solutions embedded in the design of UAVs make it possible to overcome any obstacle created by the EW complexes. And we are ready to put it into practice in the field.

– Your call has been heard. Now the word for manufacturers of EWS complexes!

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