The missile will not hit and the Electronic warfare is not terrible: "Skyeton" told about the benefits of UAS ACS-3M


The ability to effectively perform tasks in the conditions of enemy EW means is the first and most important requirement for modern unmanned aerial vehicles.
UAS ACS-3M from Skyeton company is capable to carry out combat missions effectively in the conditions of action of enemy means of electronic warfare. Roman Knyazhenko, Commercial Director of APC Skyeton, told Defense Express about this.
“We made sure that it was the hardest thing for the enemy to damage the operation of our UAV in any way. For example, in the conditions of the enemy’s EW, our UAV will still continue to perform its mission, but in this case, it will focus not on the GPS signal, but on the internal digital map loaded on board the aircraft, as well as on the inertial high-precision system,” said Knyazhenko.

UAV will also be integrated with a new function, thanks to which the UAV will be able to navigate with the help of the weather forecast, and the drone will be able to take this data from any source.

At the same time, Knyazhenko notes that the company also took into account situations when the enemy directly jammed communication channels – for this purpose in the UAV noise-like broadband systems of telemetry and control of a complex are realized, so it will be difficult for the enemy to determine the frequency of ACS-3M. In that case, if the enemy manages to do so, the drone can “jump” to another frequency and continue flying.

“I do not rule out that the enemy may completely block the communication channel. But for ACS-3M in this case, virtually nothing will change – it will continue to perform the mission, the route of which was recorded at the start of the mission. Just if earlier in the UAV there was a connection with the operator, now he will fly on autopilot “, – Knyazhenko explains.

At the same time, Knyazhenko claims that ACS-3M can also perform tasks in the conditions of enemy MANPADS and other systems: “MANPADS simply will not hit us. We went to various exercises in Ukraine and we aimed at everything in the Armed Forces. So, our ACS-3M is guaranteed to be able to see and capture only the Buk missile system, but it does so at a distance when we already see it, and systems such as the S-300 will not even be able to find us in manual mode “.
It will be recalled, that the ACS-3M reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle from the Ukrainian private company Skyeton is supplied to the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and serves in the same units as the Bayraktar TB2 strike aircraft. At the same time, the civilian version of this UAV – Raybird-3 – set a record in Ukraine for the duration of continuous stay in the air.
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