Raybird 3 – serial production of small unmanned aerial systems for different long-range missions and commercial applications.

The unique mobility of the system allows for quick SUV transportation and deployment in minutes. The modular UAV design makes exchanging of various function modules easy. Payload packages can include radio relays and electric warfare/countermeasure equipment.

Vertically integrated design and production allow us to manufacture systems tailoring them to the specific Client’s needs. This also provides for top-notch maintenance during UAS exploitation and enables modifications as the Client’s requirements evolve.


The unmanned aerial system does not require intervention by an operator while performing tasks and can operate all processes automatically until the vehicle lands. Programmed flight route, payload control, automatic return to start point and many more features for autonomous operations.


RAYBIRD 3 UAS characteristics and its payload lifting capacity of up to 5 kg allow using complex solutions on a large variety of applications and in different weather conditions.


Duplicating the servos delivers high reliability and safety. The UAV is equipped with encrypted digital data link which offers a high level of protection against any interference by third-party.


Unmanned aerial vehicle

  • Flight time – 18-28 hours
  • Operating ceiling – up to 4500 m
  • Speed (min / cruising / max) – 80 / 110 / 140 km/h
  • Range in the direct control mode – 120 km
  • Range of Full HD real-time video transmission – 120 km
    * all parameters are adjustable according to Client’s needs

Launch system

  • UAV speed at separation – up to 70 km/h
  • The angle of take-off – 12 degrees
  • Weight of catapult – 45 kg

Ground control station and data link

  • Range of reception and transmission of telemetry and control – 120 km
  • Processing and display of HD video in real time
  • Deployment time – 15 minutes.
  • 220 V power supply from AC power source, 50 Hz, 4 A


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