The UAS Raybird-3 of the "Skyeton" set a national record


There is a new record in Ukraine! On the 6th of September, representatives of the National Records Registry of Ukraine submitted to their official documents a new domestic achievement, which was demonstrated by the unmanned aerial complex Raybird-3 of the Aviation Production Company “Skyeton”. The drone was flying for a maximum duration in the sky. The result was convincing.

During the flight, a 21 kg UAV was in the air 24 hours 31 minutes. During this time the total route length was over 2000 km. The landing took place on the 6th of September at 10 am – in regular mode, with a parachute. After landing, the fuel in the UAV tank was sufficient to keep it in the air for another 1.5 hours.

The reason for the early landing was unexpected. In the area of ​​Borodyanka airfield, where the event “Flight on record” took place, air space was unexpectedly closed at the request of the flight director. And by 10 a.m. on the 6th of September, all civilian air objects in the sky at that time were to land immediately. This requirement, of course, was fulfilled.

However, this circumstance did not affect the joyful mood of the whole team of the Ukrainian aircraft building company “Skyeton”, which was undergoing testing. After all, such length of flight in such dimensions of the UAV design has not been confirmed by any not only Ukrainian but also the world manufacturer of unmanned vehicles.

In the near future, an upgraded version of the Raybird-3 will be demonstrated, which will be able to stay in the air much longer than the one recorded in the National Record of Ukraine on the 6th of September in the category of “air records”.